Arduino RG UNO ATmega328P

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    Freeduino Uno Atmega328 - USB engaged in providing qualitative products. Freeduino Uno is a board which is designed to be a cost effective alternative for the official Arduino board and is highly compatible with Arduino compatible shields, tools and the Arduino IDE which can be used anywhere. Arduino is an open source embedded development platform which includes a simple development board and is used easily for writing, programming, and uploading codes. This Freeduino Uno board comes with an Atmega328.Freeduino Uno can be connect or programmed directly through a USB connection to a PC through the Arduino IDE software, which is a simple installation and easy to use program development environment for writing, compiling and uploading codes. Freeduino Uno offers onboard 5V and 3V3 voltage regulators and provides an empty hole next to each IO and power pin header for easy expansion.
Our products have a great platform to learn embedded programming
These are compatible with all Arduino compatible shields and the Arduino IDE
It comes with an atmega328 with a pre-burnt Arduino boot loader
The board is built on a high quality FR-4(1.6 mm) double sided PCB with solder mask and a clear and visible legend print
It has a standard 6x1 avr ISP header
All I/O pins connected by a female header, perfect for prototyping

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