A microprocessor development board is a printed circuit board containing a microprocessor and the minimal support logic needed for an engineer to become acquainted with the microprocessor on the board and to learn to program it. 8051 Development Board V1, 8051 Development Board V2,Development board AVR v1, Power Distribution Board.

8051 Development Board V1

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONLCD 16x24x4 Keypad4x1 KeypadEight 3mm LEDs Buzzer Interface AT2404 EEPROM2 Se.....

8051 Development Board V2

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION16x2 LCDRelayBuzzerPOT for ADCPOT for LCD ContrastMotor DriverStepper Motor .....

Development board AVR v1

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSBased on ATmega16RelayBuzzer16X2 LCDPOT for ADCMotor DriverPOT for LCD .....